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We have some promotions to announce!

Rod Neier, Chief Executive Officer of Roto-Mix, LLC announced the following promotions within the company:

Mark Cooksey has been promoted to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. According to Neier, “Mark has been a dedicated member of the Roto-Mix organization for over 22 years. This experience combined with his knowledge of the cattle feeding industry made Mark an excellent fit for this role.”

Also promoted was Kelly Wittman to Vice President of Manufacturing Operations. “Kelly’s 24 years of experience and knowledge in numerous areas within the Roto-Mix organization has enabled him to guide our manufacturing operations as we implement measures to improve manufacturing efficiency.”

Doyle Bacon was promoted to Director of Technical Services. “Doyle’s tenure with Roto-Mix provides another valuable source for experience in the cattle feeding industry.” Doyle will also become a member of Roto-Mix’s Senior Management Team (SMT).

The SMT includes Rod, Mark, Kelly and Doyle plus the following members: Angus Snyder, Director of Materials Management; Sharon Bacon, Director of Finance; Jim Shafer, Director of Engineering; and Kevin Zahrt, Director of Wholesale Operations.

Kansas Livestock Association

Good afternoon!

This week we’ll be at the Kansas Livestock Association convention in Wichita, Kan. We’ll be at the KLA convention Thursday and Friday.

Here’s more information: Kansas Livestock Association website

Come see us!


Dodge City Days Parade

Good afternoon!

We had a great time at the Dodge City Days parade over the weekend.

Here are some photos!

1 2 3 4 5

Throwback Thursday – Newspaper Photos

Good afternoon!

Here are some more Throwback Thursday photos for you – old newspaper articles!





Throwback Thursday photos

Good morning!

Here are some Throwback Thursday photos for you!

RotoMix022 TBT 7-17-14 RotoMix023

Boothill Showdown

Good afternoon!

We had a great time at the World of Outlaws Boothill Showdown over the weekend at Dodge City Raceway Park.

Here are some photos of the race, which we sponsored. Also, here’s a story about the weekend’s race.

World of Outlaws logo copy

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Coming Up

Good afternoon!

We have a few events coming up that we want to tell you about.

Next week, we’re the presenting sponsor for the World of Outlaws Boot Hill Showdown at the Dodge City racetrack! The races take place next Friday and Saturday, July 4 and July 5. Here’s more information:

World of Outlaws logo copy

We’ll also be at the 3i Show in Dodge City, which is July 10-12.

3i logo

If you’re around Dodge City, come out to these events!

Congratulations to the Dodge City Law!

Good afternoon!

We just wanted to say ‘Congratulations’ to the Dodge City Law football team on the completion of their inaugural season! They finished the season with a 62-26 win last Saturday night.

Roto-Mix is a proud sponsor, and wants to wish the Law good luck with their playoff game this weekend.

Go Law!

Roto-Mix Law photo

More Expansion Project Photos

Good afternoon!

Here are some more photos of our expansion project in Dodge City. The building that’s being constructed is 20,000 square feet. There will be four bays of assembly in the building.

2011-10-15 02.20.57 2011-10-15 02.22.29 2011-10-15 02.22.35 2011-10-15 02.23.15 2011-10-15 02.23.40 2011-10-15 02.26.04 2011-10-15 02.27.37 2011-10-15 02.30.10

2011-10-15 02.53.38

Great Bend Farm & Ranch Expo

Good morning!

We’re at the Great Bend Farm & Ranch Expo this week in Great Bend, Kan. We’ll be in Great Bend today and Friday.

Here’s more information about the show.

great bend 2

great bend 1