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Youth Football Final Game

Good afternoon!

Spearville’s third and fourth grade football team played their final game of the season last Saturday at Jetmore.  This was the third and fourth grade Super Saturday weekend for the Southwest Kansas Youth Football League.

The league is divided into a north division and a south division. For Super Saturday, the two divisions matched up with teams of same ranking to play. Spearville, with a 2-3 record, played South Central, who also had a 2-3 record.

This proved to be an equally matched game. The score at half was 0-0, but South Central came out in the second half and scored twice. The final score was 16-0 in favor of the Timberwolves.  At the conclusion of the game each team was awarded medals for their efforts this season.

5 and 6 team

The fifth and sixth grade team.

3 and 4 team

The third and fourth grade team.

Youth Sports Update


Fifth/Sixth grade team – Front row: Colton Ede, Trace Tasset, Isaac Melendez, Skyler Kolbeck,and Isaac Mettling
Second row: Kenny Zimmerman, Nathan Sprott, Carson Rich, Chaten Tasset, and Tanner Miller
Coaches: Shawn Rich, Ken Miller, and Doug Zimmerman

The final regular season tackle football games were played Saturday, Oct. 5, at Lancer field against the Coyotes from Kinsley. These teams have worked hard all season and have improved each and every week. They are sponsored by Kansas City Power and Light, Roto-Mix, and Right Co-op.

For as hot as it was the first game of the season, it was equally cool for the last game of the season, but Spearville still had a good turnout of supporters on hand to watch the action. A big thanks to the Spearville Cheerleaders who cheered with the Little Lancer cheerleaders at the game!

The third and fourth grade team played first. They took an early lead and kept going winning by a final score of 34-18. This brought their record to 2-3 for the season. They will play their Super Saturday tournament Oct. 12 in Jetmore. Kick-off will be at noon against the South Central Timberwolves.

The fifth and sixth grade team had an exciting game. The score was tied 16-16 at halftime. The second half went back and forth with it being tied 22-22 with 3 minutes to go. Spearville scored making the score 28-22, but failed to convert the 2-point conversion. Kinsley took over and ran down the field to a quick touchdown and 2-point conversion, making the score 28-30 in favor of the coyotes. Spearville wasn’t finished, however, and went back down the field scoring the winning touchdown with only seconds left in the game.

Final score: Spearville 34, Kinsley 30.

In volleyball action, all of our youth teams played in Dodge again this week. We had an even win-loss record overall—Spearville fourth and sixth graders came out on top, while the third and fifth graders had some tough luck. The girls continue to practice hard and have fun.

In non-competitive action, our flag football teams and K-2 volleyball team also played this weekend. They are continuing to improve their skill level for the coming years.

Lancer Wins

On Saturday, Sept. 28 the Spearville Youth Football teams traveled to Montezuma to play their final away game of the regular season. The third and fourth grade team has been practicing hard all season and it paid off this week as they got their first win, coming out on top over the South Gray team by a score of 24-8.

The fifth and sixth grade boys continued the day’s winning streak and prevailed over South Gray 42-12. These teams are sponsored by Roto-Mix, Right Co-op and Kansas City Power and Light.  Next week will be the final home game for these teams. The third and fourth grade team will kick-off at 10 a.m. and will be followed by the fifth and sixth grade game. Come out and watch these boys in action.




Flag football continued play in Dodge this weekend.  These boys are having fun learning the game of football.  Their coaches are Scott Werner, Steve Sites, Brad Ackerman and Bill Hornung.

Youth volleyball opened play in Dodge City as well on Saturday, and it was a great day for the Lancer girls.  Spearville has five volleyball teams playing in Dodge this year.  The kindergarten through second grade team is coached by Kendee Foos, Tonya Hubbell and Heidy Ackerman. This level does not keep score, but is focused on teaching the girls the fundamentals of the game.

Coaching the third grade team is Karla Gleason and Sarah Stegman. Saturday was the first volleyball game for this group of girls. Although they did not win according to the scoreboard, they learned a great deal and will be ready next week. The fourth grade team is coached by Megan Stein and Lorie Stein. The fourth graders, now volleyball veterans, won their game in two matches.

The fifth grade team followed their lead and won their game as well. They are coached by Lindsey Heskamp and Chesna Ratzlaff. Two games were played by the sixth grade team and they won both of them. The sixth grade team is also coached by Karla Gleason and Sarah Stegman. Great job to all of our volleyball teams and good luck next week!