New Roto-Mix VX Series Single Auger Mixers

The new VX Series Single Auger Vertical Mixers by Roto-Mix, offer the small to medium sized dairies, cow/calf and heifer operations an efficient, durable, feed mixer that delivers a high quality TMR at an affordable price. Three models to choose from, the VX-315, VX-415 and VX-515 provide capacities in 300, 400 and 500 cubic feet respectively and are all under 100 inches in height.


Skid-steer loaders can easily load rations into the new Roto-Mix VX series mixers because they are all only 100 inches in height. The low center of gravity trailer mixer is very stable and can maneuver in tight areas, making it a valuable asset to any small to medium dairy, cow/calf or heifer operation.

This low profile mixer series enables nearly all types of loaders, even skid steers, to load feed without clearance concerns. The low loading height and very stable, low center of gravity make this vertical mixer one of the most versatile available. Your choice of right or left side discharge is a standard along with a side bolt-on conveyor option to allow for easy bunk feeding. A flow regulator plate enables the operator to optimize the flow of feed inside the mixer.

The single auger is powered by a reliable, low maintenance pto driven, planetary gearbox. An innovative design by Roto-Mix engineers are new “wing kickers” located at the bottom of the augers to force the last part of the ration out, resulting in excellent clean-out. Options include a hay chain ring that reduces spillage of larger loads, round and square bales. Knife options are available for processing hay and other rations. For feeders who want more capacity, Roto-Mix offers rubber extenders to add those crucial extra cubic feet. Dual truck tires on the trailer are also offered as an option for mud and snow. Available this summer, dealers are currently taking orders.

For more information on this new product and the entire Roto-Mix line of vertical and rotary feed mixers, contact us at 620-225-1142 or at

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