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Memories Monday

Good afternoon!

We’re starting a new project on our blog, and we’re calling it Memories Monday. Every Monday, we’ll post a photo from Roto-Mix’s past.

Today’s photo is of founder Ben Neier back in the mid 1960s!

Jan. 21 Memories Monday


Roto-Mix Featured on

Good morning!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break with family and friends.

And we wanted to let you know that along with a new year comes a new website, called

MP2 stands for making the planet more productive, and Roto-Mix is a partner in that. There’s a story on that features Roto-Mix’s history and shares ways of how it makes the planet more productive.

From the story:

Most people don’t know that Roto-Mix founder Ben Neier actually invented the feed mixer industry, Roto-Mix president Mike Hilderbrand said.

“Roto-Mix can trace its roots back to 1961 when Ben designed and produced the first auger feed mixer. We’ve been around for a long time and we plan on being around for a long time to come,” he said.

Roto-Mix is headquartered in Dodge City, Kan., and does business all over the country and in 38 export markets. Roto-Mix has operated in its Dodge City location since 1984.

The company holds about 13 patents, including the double flighted auger and the staggered rotor. Roto-Mix’s tagline is ‘Designed for Mixing Performance.’

“We design all of our products to be premium products, meaning they’re heavy duty, they’re extremely reliable and they’re commercial grade,” Hilderbrand said.