Doing Business in Australia

Good afternoon!

In addition to doing business all over the United States, we also make feed mixers and ship them to other countries.

We recently completed two 1105 H truck mount vertical mixers on T800 Kenworth trucks. The two mixers will be shipped to Australia in a couple of weeks. They’ll go to Brindley Park Feedlot in Queensland.

These 1105 H truck mount vertical mixers will be shipped to Australia.

Kelly Wittman, Roto-Mix’s customer service manager, said so far this year Roto-Mix has sent eight mixers to Australia.

There’s a market for mixers there because Australia imports all its vehicles. Roto-Mix’s ability to custom-build feed mixers means it has a large market in Australia.

“We listen to our customers and adapt to their needs,” Kelly said.

The two mixers that will be shipped soon are the second and third units going to Brindley Park Feedlot. They already have one Roto-Mix mixer.

The mixers will first be sent to California, where they’ll be put on a ship headed for Australia. Kelly said shipping the mixers to Australia takes about four weeks.

Roto-Mix has shipped eight mixers to Australia so far this year.

Kelly is also making a trip to Australia in a few weeks to attend BeefEx in Queensland. BeefEx, according to its website, is hosted by the Australian Lot Feeders’ Association and is held every two years.

Kelly said while he’s there he’ll ride with the Australian Roto-Mix representative. They will visit feedlots that use Roto-Mix products and talk about their ideas for the future.

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