Compost Mixers

Good morning!

We’ve recently sold a few compost mixers to municipalities in California, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Roto-Mix has sold compost mixers all throughout the United States, including Hawaii, and in Puerto Rico. Two of the units sold recently will go to the New L.A. County Compost Site.

“We’re trying to meet needs of the industry with our compost mixers,” said Garland Smith, Roto-Mix’s industrial equipment manager.

Meeting the industry’s needs also means that Roto-Mix has spent time upgrading and changing mixers as needed. Compost mixers are available in trailer, truck or stationary units.

“Business has been good,” Garland said. “One of the benefits of mixing is to uniformly distribute nutrients and microorganisms throughout the compost pile. The Roto-Mix design combines gentle tumbling with quick complete mixing to save time and improve your bottom line.”

Roto-Mix has a complete line of industrial mixers—one that will meet your needs today and tomorrow.

If you’re interesting in purchasing a compost mixer, contact Garland at Roto-Mix in Dodge City, Kan.: (620) 225-1142.

More information can also be found at

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